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Christian Wagner 11/19/12 05:55 PM

Shai Hulud Sets Release Date, Offers Video Teaser
Shai Hulud will be releasing the band's new album, Reach Beyond the Sun, on February 19th, 2013. New music and pre-orders will be available on December 10th and you can listen to a teaser in the replies. Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory produced the record and also reprises his former role with the band by being the vocalist for the record.

Christian Wagner 11/19/12 05:55 PM

abusedcat 11/19/12 06:00 PM

This. Is. GOOD.

ZachMadeMeOdd 11/19/12 06:33 PM

Hell yes. Fuck everything being talked about on this site right now. This is the only post that should be blowing up.

Jasper112 11/19/12 06:39 PM


Alex DiVincenzo 11/19/12 08:28 PM

So excited

popdisaster00 11/19/12 08:57 PM

Fuck this will probably be awesome, can't wait

EatShit182 11/19/12 09:06 PM

Got a lot of good releases lined up for the new year..

xxdeadawakexx 11/19/12 09:47 PM

it really needs to hurry up and be february.

xsinkshipsx 11/19/12 10:12 PM

this will be too good.

johnnyferris 11/19/12 11:50 PM

Can't wait to check this out.

GetUpAndrew 11/20/12 01:20 AM

Stoked. The clip sounds fucking cool.

Alexx Miller 11/20/12 09:48 AM

Oh my..... Chad Gilbert on the whole album?! That's awesome.

PetitnaindesĪles 11/20/12 12:01 PM

""all officially recorded former Hulud vocalists Matt Mazalli, Damien Moyal, and Geert van der Velde on "Medicine to the Dead" + this clip automatically makes it an AOTY contender

beauvais910 11/20/12 12:50 PM

The fact Chad did the vocals just makes it so much better

misanthropist 11/20/12 01:05 PM

Holy. Shit.