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mattjritter 11/19/12 09:55 PM

what the hell is a newspaper?

AL1VE 11/19/12 10:04 PM

How many live albums have these guys put out?

InaGreendase 11/19/12 10:05 PM

Most important thing about this is Sapone's involvement.

berniemac1234 11/19/12 10:08 PM


Originally Posted by SuNDaYSTaR (Post 115588582)
Holy shit thank you for unearthing this, I've probably watched it a hundred times when it came out.

Seeing this live acoustically was amazing

weworemasks 11/19/12 10:11 PM

hope it sounds like orensanz.

TheRealJohnOC 11/19/12 11:00 PM


Originally Posted by Eurotrash Drock (Post 115588682)
fucking hate live cds. louder now 2 was just ok. i dont need two more.

Might be a stretch but were you doing a Demetri Martin bit right there?

phillipjacob 11/19/12 11:25 PM

This band has been so busy since they reformed the TAYF lineup.

That must have really revived their energy because they seem to be moving at a brisk pace at accomplishing things, I like it.

Also I wonder what being out of a label will do to their sound and creativeness.

mybreakingpoint 11/19/12 11:46 PM

will buy.

SwedishHeat 11/19/12 11:47 PM

The acoustic tour TBS did when Adam broke his leg or whatever. . . was the best show I ever went to in my life. TSL was there too, which was a big part of it as well, but I'll never forget the emotion in that venue with acoustic Cute Without the E, it was intense.

Ryan Gardner 11/19/12 11:56 PM

Best news

Jaytothesyg 11/20/12 12:23 AM

Will definitely buy

bobby runs 11/20/12 12:48 AM


Originally Posted by Alex DiVincenzo (Post 115581732)
Great news. I was hoping to hear this after listening to Live From Orensanz the other day.

Did you record their show?

Mattylikesfilms 11/20/12 12:53 AM

I just want a really solid album. I love New Again (fuck you haters) and Louder Now and the S/T was a little bit of a let down in comparison. Sapone is damn good so here's to hoping we get magic this time around!

mka12992 11/20/12 02:10 AM

Will buy. Too bad it's unlikely WYWTB will get this treatment. I still consider that their best album. Also, I'm on a crappy flip phone, so I can't read the article. What does it say about Sapone? I know they were demoing with him, did they decide to actually record the new album with him?

Born_For_This 11/20/12 02:27 AM

Can't wait for this. Live From Orensanz was amazing, shame it's not a DVD.