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Lueda Alia 11/19/12 08:08 PM

Lost Lander - DRRT (2012)
This band is probably my favourite discovery of 2012, and one of the few who have blown me away this year. This debut was produced by Brent Knopf (Menomena / Ramona Falls), and it reminds me a lot of Typhoon and similar indie-rock bands that I usually promote around here. In fact, they've actually even toured with Typhoon as both bands are from Portland. :-) Anyway, take a listen and let me know what you think.

You can listen to the entire album here.

Your Name Is A Fire

Afraid of Summer

Through Your Bones

RIYL: Typhoon, Romona Falls, Scattered Trees, orchestral indie-rock, etc.

Lueda Alia 11/19/12 08:09 PM

More good tracks. :-)

Cold Feet

Dead Moon

11:11 11/19/12 08:21 PM

I can get behind this.

gman610 11/19/12 08:22 PM

Everything about this is telling me I will love it.

williek311 11/19/12 08:23 PM


EndlessPrisoner 11/19/12 08:24 PM

checkin' out later for ya eda

Lueda Alia 11/19/12 08:28 PM

So great.

Full performance:

As Derrick Rust 11/19/12 08:51 PM

Great find. Thanks for sharing.

gman610 11/19/12 10:06 PM

About halfway through this. This is right up my alley, and the RIYLs above are spot-on (some of it reminds me of Strand of Oaks as well). Really great find here. Of course, I'm prone to at least like anything Brent Knopf is involved in, but still - this is great.

aradiantsunrise 11/19/12 10:22 PM

This is so good so far. Love Afraid of Summer.

williek311 11/19/12 10:23 PM

It started off strong but slowly lost interest.

Lueda Alia 11/20/12 08:31 AM


You Vandal 11/20/12 09:22 AM

Loving this. Thanks for the rec.

nickstetina 11/20/12 09:57 AM

May like this more than Typhoon...

Ari Christos 11/21/12 08:40 AM

he's totally singing about Aaliyah! how could you not love <33

all white outfit looking goofy though.