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Jason Tate 11/20/12 02:00 AM

Albums in Stores Today: 11-20-2012
Here are the albums that are in stores today. Pick up anything good? What do you recommend for other viewers? If we missed anything, please add it to our calendar. Check out rdio or spinner for album streams of new releases.

InfiniteArms 11/20/12 02:34 AM

Matt and Toby & Save Your Breath

xbobbybo 11/20/12 02:41 AM

save your breath!

cherrycokewhore 11/20/12 05:51 AM

Go listen to Code Orange Kids, if you didn't catch the digital release already!

Bnash577 11/20/12 06:18 AM

The 1975's Sex EP dropped today. Good stuff!

gcdrum 11/20/12 07:09 AM

Very Americams "Back From The Dead" 7" out today via Ship Out Recordings on iTunes and Amazon. Pre order hand numbered white vinyl at www.veryamericans.bandcamp.com

XenoAbe 11/20/12 07:45 AM

Matt and Toby
Philip Phillips (DMB jr.)

ChaseTx 11/20/12 08:35 AM

Gonna add The 1975s EP to my to-buy list, as I'm super broke.

theHECKLER 11/20/12 08:43 AM

Matt and toby

AlexJLow 11/20/12 08:51 AM

Definitely in agreement with those picking up The 1975's ep, top stuff.

suicidesaints 11/20/12 10:10 AM

Jet Life - Jet World Order 2

claw38 11/20/12 10:32 AM

I love reading these threads, there's always fantastic recommendations.
Just listened to the 1975's, and holy shit they're great! Definitely picking that one up.

TheRealJohnOC 11/20/12 10:42 AM

I'm gonna see if Woe is Me's new one is worth the 5% review rating.

Slangster 11/20/12 11:00 AM

The 1975 - Sex EP is amazing. As is The Sun and the Sea - Vega EP.

atticusfinch 11/20/12 03:50 PM

Watching the new Coldplay live show tonight on beautiful Blu-Ray. New live album is sick. I went to that tour in 2011, so this will be awesome to relive.

parkerxcore 11/20/12 06:40 PM

Greeley Estates- Narrow Road

InfiniteArms 11/20/12 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by XenoAbe (Post 115597922)
Matt and Toby
Philip Phillips (DMB jr.)

Yes. Oh god yes.

TypicalMiracle 11/20/12 11:06 PM

Pick up the new Code Orange Kids. Definitely one of my favorite records this year. 10/10