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Jason Tate 11/20/12 12:27 PM

The Sun and The Sea Post EP on Bandcamp/iTunes
The Sun and the Sea (ex-The Graduate) released a new EP today on iTunes and bandcamp.

Submitted by maxsauer

Quijiba 11/20/12 01:02 PM

this sounds awesome

Archael 11/20/12 02:17 PM



Capulet 11/20/12 05:49 PM

wow amazing

Archael 11/20/12 06:48 PM

two things:

1. Why isn't this getting more attention when this band is the literal fucking successor to The Graduate?!
2. Also, why the fuck isn't this more awesome when this band is the literal fucking successor to The Graduate?!

JonPlus44 11/20/12 07:43 PM

Dudes, I love you, but, I have to agree on why this isnt more awesome. It's just soo... repetitively bland.

Yellowcard2006 11/20/12 08:43 PM

This makes me miss the graduate so much. Although this does sound very close to the graduate...

I'm okay with this.

Fourchordwonder 11/20/12 10:04 PM

I like this a lot better than Nightfalls (which was already solid), and I also like that Max consistently submits news about his own band and gets credit for it.

uglystar03 11/21/12 10:12 AM

I don't understand the complaints. This is extremely solid.

baton 11/22/12 06:18 PM

it's not repetetive at all, it just has it's own vibe, and I really enjoy it.. The guitars are maybe still simillar to tracks from the graduate's albums, but it's not the same, the graduate had some punk rock in it, if it's a good call... I liked it more, but I lived with their music for many years, this band is also amazing!

baton 11/22/12 06:38 PM

just finished streaming the ep, with an amazing closing track... can't wait to listen to it more

3eb23 11/28/12 07:34 AM

Graduate came on my ipod's shuffle last night and I youtubed them this morning and found mention of this new project. Is this the same singer or no?

edit: nevermind. started listening. i know now