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Jason Tate 11/20/12 12:41 PM

Avril Lavigne Covers Nickelback [Clip]
Remember that Nickelback cover Avril Lavinge was doing to do for that anime movie? Well, a new trailer for said movie has like a 30 second snippet of "How You Remind Me" in it -- it's in the replies for the bold.

Submitted by mr_raccoon

Jason Tate 11/20/12 12:42 PM

Skip to 1:06 to hear it

Killerkid64 11/20/12 12:45 PM

Well, I hate One Piece. But that cover actually didn't suck. Too slow though.

raptorz44 11/20/12 12:53 PM

One Piece is still a thing?

karadoll 11/20/12 12:55 PM


Originally Posted by Killerkid64 (Post 115607372)
Well, I hate One Piece. But that cover actually didn't suck. Too slow though.

I actually like that it's as slow as it is. I think it's better than it would have been if she's kept the original tempo.

SteveD 11/20/12 12:59 PM

One Piece is horrid.

Avril sounds drunk! GO HOME!

whiterussian 11/20/12 01:13 PM

Wow, they actually made it worse than I expected by giving it a swing feel.

incognitojones 11/20/12 01:18 PM

Feel like slower is a better fit for her voice on it, prolly a good choice.

theintention 11/20/12 01:20 PM

Not as bad as everyone thought. But not necessarily good..

punkcrap 11/20/12 01:20 PM

Cover is good. I like the one Sum 41 did back in the day too (oh, the irony)

signal to noise 11/20/12 01:24 PM

I'm more bummed by the One Piece hate than I am by the shitty song. One Piece is dope as fuck.

jwicklun 11/20/12 01:32 PM

I like One Piece. Oh well.

Jenajena 11/20/12 01:37 PM

Sounded very out of place.

kidinthebushes 11/20/12 01:49 PM

I just have so many questions about this one.

absolutebutthol 11/20/12 01:50 PM

Oh the irony.