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Drew Beringer 11/20/12 12:43 PM

Soupy Reviews Last Weekend's Survivor Series
We have a ton of The Wonder Years' fans and WWE fans on this site so this story will be of great interest to them. Dan "Soupy" Campbell recently wrote a "Best and Worst of Survivor Series" article for With Leather, which you can read here.

Christian Wagner 11/20/12 12:52 PM

Oh. Oh yes. Great article!!!

schlotty 11/20/12 01:44 PM


kidinthebushes 11/20/12 01:50 PM

I tried getting back into WWE wrestling multiple times over the past few years but it just doesn't interest me anymore.

Christian Wagner 11/20/12 01:51 PM

Djentleman 11/20/12 04:43 PM

wwe > twy

TheRealJohnOC 11/20/12 05:09 PM

Woo WOO Woo...

wolves_machines 11/20/12 06:02 PM

He summarized pretty much exactly what I thought of the Sheamus post-match beating, and I'm glad Daniel Bryan and Ziggler are somebody else's favorites.

iden22 11/20/12 06:50 PM

Soupy should post in the wrestling thread.

Alex DiVincenzo 11/20/12 10:41 PM

Formatfun 11/24/12 03:18 PM

WWE has fans?