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Jason Tate 11/20/12 12:58 PM

New Frightened Rabbit Song in Tour Video
A new Frightened Rabbit song "Dead Now" can be heard in the video in the replies. The band's new album, Pedestrian Verse, will be out in February 2013.

Submitted by Slangster

Jason Tate 11/20/12 12:59 PM

henry chinaski 11/20/12 01:17 PM


XenoAbe 11/20/12 01:21 PM


Slangster 11/20/12 01:21 PM

Too good.

mackieinva 11/20/12 01:25 PM

god dammit I love this band more than Ron Swanson loves America

fakeyellowlight 11/20/12 02:17 PM

"mainstream" breakout album for them? perhaps-

BobDylanismyman 11/21/12 01:17 AM

haven't loved anything this much from them since Organ Fight... very excited.

Jimmyk 11/21/12 03:13 AM

so very very good

owiseone35 11/21/12 07:08 AM

Lovely song. February can't come soon enough.

kazuma_ootaro28 11/21/12 07:19 PM

Diggin' it.

StartAngry&Mad 11/21/12 08:19 PM

Definitely like that song more than the EP. Which was a charming little release, but none of the songs were as memorable for me as this is.