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Jason Tate 11/20/12 01:00 PM

Everett Release Free EP
Everett (Dallas Taylor of Maylene & the Sons of Disaster and Patrick Copeland, formerly of The Glorious Unseen) have released their second EP, Arrival, for free.

Submitted by awakeohsleeper

xsinkshipsx 11/20/12 01:04 PM

Dallas isn't a part of this anymore

leftapart 11/20/12 02:43 PM

No fuckin way! i didnt wven know they were still together. i havent heard anything from them since destination ep was released. i love the music they make and am glad theyve made another ep for us. stoookkkeeeddd and perfect timing.

xbobbybo 11/20/12 07:13 PM

so good

leftapart 11/20/12 07:31 PM

ahhh so tis just patrick, that's cool though, it's a little less electronic and more paino driven and a lot softer than destination ep, i like it, not as much going on

awakeohsleeper 11/21/12 10:59 AM

Yeah, sorry, got mistaken. This is just Patrick Copeland now. Don't enjoy this as much as the first EP.

baton 11/22/12 05:51 PM

interesting, I loved their previous effort, I'll definitely check this one out whenever I can tomorrow, from a short preview I can hear that it's quite softer and piano driven - we'll see how does it work now