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Drew Beringer 11/20/12 01:48 PM

New Yeah Yeah Yeah's in Spring 2013
It's been a while but it looks like Yeah Yeah Yeahs are set to release a new album sometime in the spring of 2013.

Jeff_Ryan 11/20/12 01:58 PM

Thank God. I need this.

kidwithhelmet 11/20/12 02:16 PM


theHECKLER 11/20/12 02:27 PM

Nah Nah Nahs

abusedcat 11/20/12 03:13 PM

Thank the heavens.

Holly HoX! 11/20/12 03:34 PM


Originally Posted by theHECKLER (Post 115612862)
Nah Nah Nahs

Give up

mkohler 11/20/12 04:15 PM

oh my god. :excited:

NorthstarPark 11/20/12 04:51 PM

Karen Oh yeah yeah yeah.

PandaBear! 11/20/12 06:28 PM

GREAT news

just.Starla. 11/20/12 06:32 PM

Awesome. I'll definitely be looking forward to this.

doyouhas? 11/20/12 07:12 PM

Ugh. Finally!

theHECKLER 11/20/12 07:15 PM


Originally Posted by Holly HoX! (Post 115615272)
Give up


Kyle Huntington 11/20/12 10:02 PM

Such great news. Saw them live touring just before It's Blitz! and it remains one of my favourite live shows ever. So good.

Mattylikesfilms 11/21/12 12:25 AM

Thank god, I was starting to think YYY wouldn't make another album.

TomAce 11/21/12 02:00 AM

i'm sure there will be at least one song of absolutely staggering beauty on this record, so I'm excited