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incognitojones 11/20/12 06:58 PM

did not expect them to come with a sound this raw

crippledmark 11/20/12 08:17 PM

Needs more Ben Gram.

Joey-Wan Kenobi 11/20/12 08:40 PM

About Damned time. Just put out the album already!! Jonesin'

Protested Hero 11/20/12 09:04 PM

So excited for new stuff. I've spent years listening to just one EP.

kbomb001 11/20/12 10:17 PM


Jaytothesyg 11/21/12 12:46 AM

Jam and a half. Can't wait to hear the rest

TerrancePryor 11/21/12 01:19 AM


5fikev 11/21/12 05:05 AM


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PetitnaindesĪles 11/21/12 08:28 AM

preeeeeeeeety good, it sounds more like an intro than a full song though

BusterBluth 11/21/12 08:31 AM

so excited

xsinkshipsx 11/21/12 09:05 AM

appreciate that glassjaw jacket. so tight

MATTY-AL4W 11/21/12 09:20 AM

Best band/ dudes!!!

Playsw/Squirels 11/21/12 09:21 AM

Damn I love this band. Love the production, love the music, and absolutely love his voice. Although, Idk if its just me but his first line of "Woah's" seemed a little flat.

cowlord 11/21/12 09:37 AM

God damn this band is too good.

get up kidd 11/21/12 10:58 AM

So these guys open for TBS, they killed it. Song is catchy as hell.