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Kevin_MI 11/21/12 11:56 AM

Solid band, but these lyrics are generic. This feels like it would fit as an intro, but on its own I'm not feeling it.

bobsheiskawy 11/21/12 02:16 PM


Originally Posted by Jack Appleby (Post 115613532)
So ready for American Dream. I still play Stick Up Kids regularly.

video says american love will be the one this song appears on.

KenneyBN 11/21/12 03:19 PM

Dude is reppin GJ like a boss

avarice14 11/21/12 11:30 PM

So stoked for the their new album(s?). Anyone know when those will drop?

PetitnaindesĪles 11/22/12 05:20 AM


Originally Posted by avarice14 (Post 115657602)
So stoked for the their new album(s?). Anyone know when those will drop?

American Love will be out early next year, American Dream is delayed indefinitely (because of some label problems if i remember well)


While we’re waiting for the rest of the band to show up, I talk to the two about the band’s upcoming releases. Bad Rabbits recently recorded two albums, one, “American Dream,” with New Jack Swing pioneer Teddy Riley, and another, “American Love,” with Bay Area producer Brad Lewis. “Love” is set to drop sometime in spring 2013; the band isn’t sure when “Dream” will be released. “They’re definitely different albums,” says Davé. “The Teddy Riley album sounds like a big R&B album, but the Brad Lewis is a futuristic funk, post-R&B rock album.”

tiredcommentary 11/26/12 04:23 PM

This is one of the better bands I have seen live. It's like seeing a bunch of punk kids do their take on the better Prince songs. If this band doesn't get massive from these upcoming records, I have no faith in anything, at all.