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Drew Beringer 11/20/12 08:24 PM

All The TSL Show Info You Need
A breakdown of who is playing at what The Starting Line anniversary shows can be found here.

randys950 11/20/12 08:32 PM

no stl no care

yayitsjoe 11/20/12 08:32 PM

I know Fake Problems is a solid band, but I'm kinda bummed compared to who it could've been. especially since TWY is opening the other philly date. but regardless, it's not about the openers. can't wait to see the Starting Line for the first time ever playing one of my favorite albums in its entirety.

veronabryce 11/20/12 08:48 PM

Wish TWY was opening both Philly dates. Would've loved to see them with TSL. Never heard of the openers they have on board, I hope they're good.

ARo2431 11/20/12 08:52 PM

Vinnie's cool and all but I'm kind of disappointed. Whatever happy this is even happening and we get two shows.

Alison1488 11/20/12 09:19 PM

I'm glad TWY aren't opening my Philly date. I've been TWY-ed out over the last few years. Fake Problems are awesome, but who is the other band that is just a combination of letters, and better yet, how do you pronounce it?

TuneYouOut 11/20/12 09:28 PM

Surprised but excited for More Amor.

therookielot 11/20/12 09:28 PM


I have a final the 10th

Goddamn me making sacrifices for my edumacation.

bobby runs 11/20/12 09:36 PM

Was hoping for some stellar openers for the Pomona dates but hopefully I come away impressed with the new acts.

ghelms88 11/20/12 09:40 PM

Happy with Fake Problems, but bummed by the fact that TWY is opening the first Philly show and not the second.

thatwasamoment 11/20/12 10:14 PM

weatherbox bruh!

Alex DiVincenzo 11/20/12 10:16 PM

Fake Problems, I'll take it. Fun show.

geebee889 11/20/12 10:23 PM

So mad this isn't coming to Atlanta.

ChaseTx 11/20/12 10:41 PM

No Texas. Weird. I can live with it.

radXcoreXdanny 11/20/12 10:41 PM

WHAT?? no Bay Area or Nor Cal??? :eyebrow: