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TheRealJohnOC 11/20/12 10:49 PM


Originally Posted by Alison1488 (Post 115626452)
I'm glad TWY aren't opening my Philly date. I've been TWY-ed out over the last few years. Fake Problems are awesome, but who is the other band that is just a combination of letters, and better yet, how do you pronounce it?

I'm assuming Red Gold Green.

kidinthebushes 11/20/12 10:49 PM

At first I was hoping for TWY to open for TSL at both Chicago dates but after hearing how terrible their fans have been at the shows with Yellowcard, I'm perfectly fine with Vinnie opening instead.

trevorshmevor 11/20/12 11:00 PM

So jealous of those Weatherbox dates. Fuck, so jealous of any of those dates. I still wish this was able to go everywhere, but I've accepted it at this point haha.

Mattylikesfilms 11/20/12 11:14 PM

Are we ever gonna get new TSL songs? Fuck man..

tarynnosaurus! 11/20/12 11:39 PM

So jealous of the Morning Parade and Weatherbox dates, but Vinnie is alright. Still incredibly stoked for this on the 9th!

Jaytothesyg 11/21/12 12:46 AM

Awesome that Fake Problems got on these shows. Great band

I would love to fly out to Philly to see TWY open the show though

littleredhouse 11/21/12 02:24 AM

why isn't weatherbox east coast!?! damn

Djentleman 11/21/12 03:49 AM

2 socal dates? stupid

spiffa0 11/21/12 05:20 AM

If I had known Fake Problems would be opening Philly, I would have bought tickets.

prefix-core 11/21/12 07:05 AM

Great to see Fake Problems getting on these shows. And more importantly? Great to see people excited about Fake Problems getting on these shows!

zachff 11/21/12 07:30 AM

Thanks for reminding me to buy my ticket for 12/10. Done.

MJSchmidt 11/21/12 07:37 AM

Excited to see this in Detroit!

Kyle Thrash 11/21/12 08:17 AM

Bought Philly tickets for my girl for her birthday. TWY just made me stoked Im now going.

Stephin_DC 11/21/12 09:51 AM

Pretty unimpressed with the Morning Parade.
Saw a bit of them before Anberlin and they just screamed generic mediocrity.

TyroneShoolaces 11/21/12 10:05 AM

Whoa. Anybody know what to expect from Vinnie? Does he play Movielife/IATA stuff or does he have his own solo stuff he plays? I would kill to hear him play some Movielife.