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Ryan Gardner 11/22/12 09:18 AM

Valise Kickstarter Information
Valise have been in the middle of a Kickstarter for their album next year and are closing in on the full amount tonight with 5 days left. For $5, donators get a digital download of the album next year and all donators get an immediate download link for both of their previous releases Dreamcatcher and their new single "Monster." They are recording in January at The Vanguard Room in Florida.

Brett9 11/22/12 09:45 AM

I already contributed - this band is an awesome group of guys.

Fans of Copeland need to check this band out, and being that they're recording at The Vanguard Room (Aaron Marsh's new studio), I have high hopes for the new album.

icynova 11/22/12 10:37 AM

Thanks for this post, I really enjoy their EP after pulling it up on Spotify, so I'll be looking forward to this and getting my physical copy in the mail.

Your Milkshake 11/22/12 11:08 AM

These guys are awesome, show them some love. Like someone said previously, if youre into Copeland or Lydia check them out.

flyingmonkey711 11/22/12 03:54 PM

Great guys who make some solid music. Loved playing with them. I highly recommend you support this album.

xHoodieWeather 11/22/12 04:59 PM

Band is awesome. One of the best in Dallas.

InfiniteArms 11/22/12 05:56 PM

I'd donate, but KickStarter doesn't accept Paypal payments, and Amazon payments are only available to US customers. I might message the band on Facebook to see if I can donate another way.

JuneJuly 11/22/12 06:59 PM

Grumble submitted this days ago grumble submit is broken grumble

Good band is good. I have literally no money to give, but if I did, I would.