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Ryan Gardner 11/22/12 10:13 AM

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving! Spend time with family while eating a lot of turkey and mashed potatoes. Oh and enjoy Black Friday (I know I will). Let us know what you're thankful for in the replies. Have an awesome day, everyone!

wall e 11/22/12 10:32 AM

I am thankful for FIRST.

Fame<Infamy 11/22/12 10:34 AM

I am thankful for SECOND.

IceAge/HeatWave 11/22/12 10:48 AM

i'm thankful for this website, which i have been checking for about 6 years, and is always a source of cool things.

mr_raccoon 11/22/12 10:49 AM

SwertsOnALog 11/22/12 10:59 AM

I've been enjoying the black friday deals on amazon all week. Happy thanksgiving everyone! :wave:

texan4lif281 11/22/12 11:04 AM

I'm thankful for having a successful move to Austin with my girlfriend, my family and friends, and to not be working at Target this Black Friday because they open at 8pm tonight.

fallingapart101 11/22/12 11:10 AM

White meat...dark meat...all will be carved on Thanksgiving...

princessjinifer 11/22/12 11:18 AM

I am thankful for my family, and for the music I listen to, and most of all, God. :)

SuNDaYSTaR 11/22/12 11:22 AM

I am thankful for Black Friday deals coming to Canada.

3GunGaz 11/22/12 11:27 AM

Give thanks for what you've got... then the next day, go out and buy lots of cheap shit because what you've got is not enough! Haha... I'm just kidding my brothers and sisters from across the pond - have a great Thanksgiving!

TheRealJohnOC 11/22/12 11:35 AM

I'm thankful for the family I have left (There's 4 of us including me) and thankful for our family friends that let us crash their Thanksgiving meals year after year.

JordanKTM 11/22/12 11:54 AM

Happy We-Stole-Your-Land-and-Killed-Your-People Day!

CMichael24 11/22/12 12:03 PM


Jason Tate 11/22/12 12:18 PM


Originally Posted by CMichael24 (Post 115664952)

I am too. Life would be hard without him!