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Keagan Ilvonen 11/22/12 03:42 PM

Dallas Green Finishes Recording New City and Colour Album
Dallas Green has finished recording the new City and Colour album.

Submitted by NewAgeofHorus

Quijiba 11/22/12 03:45 PM

sweet. Love me some city and colour. Can't wait for the album and to see AOF in December

thetruthisvile 11/22/12 03:45 PM

I wish AOF wasn't over.

JamesMichael 11/22/12 03:46 PM

Wow that was quicker than expected. I've always liked Alexis a lot more (so stoked to see them next week!) but I do like me some City and Colour as well. Big Dallas Green fan!

SpyKi 11/22/12 03:59 PM

Hope it's more consistent than the last one, I loved a few tracks on that but I just couldn't get into it as a whole.

NewAgeofHorus 11/22/12 04:04 PM

Hopefully a March release.

InfiniteArms 11/22/12 04:27 PM

That was quick

oakhurst 11/22/12 04:36 PM

sound more like Sometimes, a little less like BMYL and Little Hell

Steeeve Perry 11/22/12 04:56 PM

Bring Me Your Love is his best by far, but Little Hell grew on me after a lot of spins. The songs on Little Hell translated live exceptionally also.

Steeeve Perry 11/22/12 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by JoshKilpatrickL (Post 115669862)
sound more like Sometimes, a little less like BMYL and Little Hell

Season three is the best season so far.

ZachMadeMeOdd 11/22/12 05:03 PM

The only track I've never liked from this man was the first single off Little Hell. I do hope he goes back to more of his raw emotion style he has. The full band sound is great live, but there isn't anything like when this man sits with an acoustic.

sweetforever 11/22/12 05:10 PM

Good news, need to spin Little Hell more, but I love BMYL

ITTJagger 11/22/12 05:49 PM

I hate to but I have to be that guy....RIYL?
I see their name everywhere but have never checked em out...

Portugal4142 11/22/12 06:28 PM

Wow. Great news.

carcrashofahart 11/22/12 06:31 PM

i hope it's more acoustic than little hell.