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frenchatticus 11/23/12 07:09 PM

Listen & Forgive has definitely grown on me, although I do wish it didn't consume 90% of the set like it has since the record came out. As for Something Left Behind and Promise Nothing., I think this is some of their strongest material to date. Especially the latter.

AC_Eskimo 11/23/12 07:44 PM


Originally Posted by war_allthetime (Post 115691522)
If they combine the energy of Keep This To Yourself with the songwriting of Listen & Forgive they'll put out the best record of their career. High hopes for this

Pretty much! Transit is my favourite band (though it took a long time to get to that conclusion), and I love all of their stuff, but L&F wasn't perfect. Songs like "I Told You So" are where they are at their best, for me, at least.

But Transit could put out an R&B album and it'd kick ass.