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therookielot 11/23/12 09:31 AM


TheRealJohnOC 11/23/12 09:38 AM

Not sure if noted but http://www.merchconnectioninc.com/ has a "Mystery Bargain Bin for $4.99"


You will receive a piece of merchandise (shirt, hoodie, baseball tee, letterman jacket, etc) from one of the many bands...

Bands include Stick to your Guns, Every Time I Die, The Ghost Inside, a bunch of scene bands and a few others. Shipping is a killer though. Cheapest option for shipping is $7.99 for an item.

TheRealJohnOC 11/23/12 09:38 AM


Originally Posted by therookielot (Post 115680992)

atticusfinch 11/23/12 09:51 AM

bahahaha at that idiot driving around yelling at people. smh

ChaseTx 11/23/12 09:55 AM

Sub Pop is giving 20% off purchases of $20 or more.

4AD is giving 15% off all purchases throughout the weekend with the code "4adblack".

The Texas Rangers (and every MLB team, but c'mon...) are giving 20-30% all orders, depending on how much you spend.

spiffa0 11/23/12 10:04 AM

lol that guy is such an idiot and is worse than anyone standing in line

revkev151 11/23/12 10:06 AM

My Etsy store, Kevin's Cutouts has 15% off everything in the store with the coupon code "BALONEY1" from now until Monday!!

Many more items in the store and I will be adding more throughout the weekend!

Alex DiVincenzo 11/23/12 10:10 AM

Kory Gable is doing a Black Friday Mastering Special.
$25 a song, $20 per song for 10 or more songs, turn around time 1 day.
Special runs till the end of November.
booking@thelookingglassrecording.co m

CoreyMadVillain 11/23/12 10:30 AM


grimis16 11/23/12 10:39 AM


Originally Posted by TheRealJohnOC (Post 115681112)

dude is a douche.

NewAgeofHorus 11/23/12 10:39 AM

got me some super long dildos for 3.99 @ night secrets.

now I have something to eat my cereal with.

punkcrap 11/23/12 10:41 AM

Jack Appleby 11/23/12 10:44 AM

Anyone see any good deals on receivers or speakers? I need to upgrade my system.

craigisashark 11/23/12 10:56 AM

20% off all orders automatically applied at I AM SHARK


positiv-o 11/23/12 10:59 AM

15% OFF all items: BLKFRIDAY