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WhatJulianSaid 11/23/12 11:31 PM

I love how everyone is finding random rare records at their stores yet I didn't find anything good at mine lol then again I only got a chance to go to one

5fikev 11/24/12 06:59 AM


Originally Posted by ChaseTx (Post 115682582)
I commented on this basically calling the guy an asshole with a vast ignorance of economic principles, now I'm getting replies from people who actually agree with him. What is wrong with people...

On topic, there's this:

Don't spend money you don't have except...oh wait...buy my book for $17.95...what a douche.

MarkTh 11/26/12 08:14 AM


Originally Posted by GoodTimes (Post 115680762)

That's soooo cheap!