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ALK3ADDICT 11/23/12 03:19 PM

Seriously for anyone who has been against this amazing band post SWYA. Now is the time to give saves the day that more than deserved 2nd chance. I have been a bigger fan of their later work unlike most others and this new song is beyond amazing. I think this is the point where people will start to love Saves the Day again. It really is that good. Help and support them. This fucking rules!!!!!!!!

anti-venom 11/23/12 03:19 PM

Liking the demo. Pledged for the CD as soon as I saw their tweet.

Kid Defender 11/23/12 03:35 PM

I love the demo... the isn't much more I can say, haha.

Fool 11/23/12 04:01 PM

So I just paid 100 bucks to get to jam with one of my all time favorite bands during soundcheck. And I thought the personal house show with Casey from The Dear Hunter would be the coolest thing I've done in my life.

Saves The Night 11/23/12 04:05 PM

pledged for the digital bug sessions. Niiice!

Can't wait for a new album.

Searos 11/23/12 04:06 PM

This demo is really good. I loved Daybreak and I see elements of it in this demo but it also feels like a new start for the band. It has an upbeat rock feel. It sorta reminds me of a good weezer or motion city soundtrack song with chris's voice sounding very smooth and guitar elements from daybreak shining through.

RiCCioLi 11/23/12 04:08 PM

So happy I saw this as soon as they posted it and was able to grab one of the Daybreak test pressings

Chalie22 11/23/12 05:44 PM

I wish I could pool together 20 people from one city and collect 25 dollars from each person so that we can get that "Pick a ten song setlist".

It would be awesome to finally hear songs that never get played like "Collision", "Blindfolded" "Vasts Spoils of America" and "Banned From The Back Porch"

YOUAREtehSCENE 11/23/12 06:00 PM

Chris didn't age well AT all.

SevenAM 11/23/12 06:40 PM

Pick a set list ooooooh the possibilitys. Open with Daybreak end with This in not an Exit and no At your funeral.

trojanick 11/23/12 06:45 PM

Wow already over 50% to their goal. Their perks are great though - really leveraged their catalog and things fans would want.

Searos 11/23/12 07:09 PM


Originally Posted by YOUAREtehSCENE (Post 115692302)
Chris didn't age well AT all.

how so?

his voice is higher (which is has been the case for almost 10 years) but he has not lost the passion or lyrical strength. they still tour a lot and connect with their fans. Are you making this judgement based on the new song, how he looks, or a personal vendetta cause they don't write pop punk anymore?

btown4life 11/23/12 08:10 PM

Pledged immediately... got the handwritten lyrics for Third Engine! Last I checked, it was over 50% funded.

thesinkingship 11/23/12 08:11 PM

I'm going to buy the cover song and make them do Coheed's "In Keeping Secrets", haha

Charles777 11/23/12 08:34 PM


Originally Posted by thesinkingship (Post 115694462)
I'm going to buy the cover song and make them do Coheed's "In Keeping Secrets", haha

I can't tell if that would be great or horrible