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Jason Tate 11/23/12 01:23 PM

Saves the Day Post New Demo / Album Pledge
Saves the Day have posted a new demo, and a place for fans to pledge to help support the funding of the new album.

Submitted by grimis16

jordalsh 11/23/12 01:25 PM

gahhhhh want to pledge for the vinyl, so poor.

BlinkAvAfan21 11/23/12 01:34 PM

Bands should do this more often.

againtocarthage 11/23/12 01:45 PM

Have you guys heard the demo? Just when you thought STD couldnt GET ANY FUCKING BETTER...

This is totally new, unique, and raw. Holy shit it sounds amazing. Pledging as we speak.

Protested Hero 11/23/12 01:51 PM

Pledged to get the handwritten lyrics for This Is Not An Exit. Holy crap.

Alex DiVincenzo 11/23/12 02:00 PM


Searos 11/23/12 02:04 PM

If you pay with card and not paypal it says it won't charge you till campaign reaches goal. For anyone who gets paid soon but can't afford it now.

Charles777 11/23/12 02:11 PM


SkateFirm21 11/23/12 02:12 PM

Would love for them to play in my living room...

Searos 11/23/12 02:17 PM

Saves The Day new years party would rock!

Hobby 11/23/12 02:45 PM

I would pledge for the In Reverie re-release that's never coming out.

serendipity 11/23/12 02:49 PM

Those handwritten lyrics went FAST

rocketcat 11/23/12 02:55 PM

demo sounds amazing!

xHoodieWeather 11/23/12 03:04 PM


Originally Posted by serendipity (Post 115687552)
Those handwritten lyrics went FAST

Twice. They were re-stocked and went out even faster the second time.

gengen 11/23/12 03:16 PM

Damn I wanted the handwritten lyrics and the live stream. Hope they post more.

The soundcheck and roadie options sound like so much fun.