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Jason Tate 11/23/12 01:56 PM

New Single from Juliet Simms
Juliet Simms' new single, "Wild Child," can be found here.

Submitted by Kris_Gontz9

Amongster 11/23/12 02:06 PM

Totally forgettable.

positiv-o 11/23/12 02:09 PM

There's a Kia commercial/music video to go with it, too.

bduke13 11/23/12 02:51 PM

Very disappointing, both vocally and musically, considering some of her past work

PetitnaindesĪles 11/23/12 03:37 PM

not into it

ari telescope 11/23/12 04:31 PM

I did it, mostly. As an introductory single.

plns 11/23/12 04:53 PM

I expected bad but not this bad.

Yontsey 11/23/12 04:58 PM

That was pretty bad.

MJSchmidt 11/23/12 05:19 PM

This is awful.

Brandon Allin 11/23/12 06:20 PM

Actually terrible.

rocknroll365 11/23/12 06:36 PM

yikes. did not expect this. no thanks.

Kris_Gontz9 11/23/12 06:41 PM

Doesn't fit her voice/style at all...

superplaid 11/23/12 09:02 PM

dropping a social d shot in the video does not make you any more legit. did not enjoy this at all.

Hagysaurus Rex 11/23/12 09:20 PM

Egads. Not what I was expecting.

anamericangod 11/24/12 12:13 AM


Originally Posted by CallMeTroy (Post 115686762)
Totally forgettable.


stuckonsmile 11/24/12 11:35 AM

WHAT is this? I didn't hate every aspect of the song, but the production is all wrong.

fallfromgrace85 11/24/12 12:33 PM

After listening to the single/watching the video, I feel like she's being pushed in the direction of a new wave Patti Smith or Joan Jett. The way she's dressed is such a throwback, and she has always had that rasp that would have made her fit in with those artists back in the day. I could have totally seen something just as musically similar being put out by one of those iconic women.

Jeff_Ryan 11/24/12 03:23 PM

I loved A.LL but this is terrible

botDs-r 11/24/12 05:22 PM

Not bad at all, but I just miss the emotion of A.L.L. songs

kwhiteside01 11/24/12 06:41 PM

Kudos to Juliet for keeping on keeping on in an industry that has clearly let her down so many times before. But I just cannot get into this new sound.

AaronMarsh 11/24/12 06:55 PM

I like it.

FNF 11/25/12 03:31 PM

What the fuck did I just listen to?

irthesteve 11/26/12 12:22 AM

still sounds like Tommy Pickles

cshadows2887 11/28/12 12:16 PM

Yuck. This is just bad.