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killedxatxnight 11/24/12 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by njdevils327 (Post 115707652)
Except not. Freehold, NJ

I understand that the map behind the announcement shows freehold, but has John D ever given us real info THAT easily? Also maybe I heard wrong and its really Bamboozle that is going to toms river

mikeXXXnj 11/25/12 05:48 AM


Originally Posted by kidinthebushes (Post 115710172)

the lines on the picture are the roads in freehold. see earlier responses.

The Gunz Show 11/26/12 02:33 AM


- Gunz

DontCryEmoBoyXX 11/26/12 09:12 AM

Those roads are right at the exact spot of Freehold Raceway, the horse racing track. Would he dare do it there?

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