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chordsforacure 11/24/12 05:48 AM

Looking for Help to keep my Non-Profit Concert Series a float
My user name is Chordsforacure as you may see. I used to run a non-profit under that name. Then it became too much of a financial burden. We promised that 100% of the proceeds from every ticket went to charity... and it did. However things like "hall rental", "band's gas money", "food and beverages at the event" came out of my pocket. After 4 years I found myself completely broke and closed Chords forever. In my 4 years of absence someone else has started using the original Chords for a Cure name so we've changed it to the creatively similar Chords for Cures.

Next month we'll be throwing our first show, a christmas show. Every December we used to have a show about a week before christmas and used the proceeds to buy toys for kids spending the holidays in the hospital. To cover some of those extra charges I've put together a complication of songs by the bands we used to book between 2005-2009. While chances are you've never heard any of the 24 bands many of them feature members of big bands before they became famous including future members of The Scenic, Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer, Team Goldie, Racing Kites, Soletta and Hero From a Thousand Paces.

If you have $5 to spend please come check out the comp and help us continue to operate by clicking here for our bandcamp

Here's an article I wrote for Geekscape.net about our charity

Here's a video announcing our return with footage from past shows

Thanks so much for your time!