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Kelly Doherty 11/24/12 08:42 AM

Guided By Voices - The Bears For Lunch
Guided By Voices - The Bears For Lunch
Record Label: Guided By Voices Inc
Release Date: November 13, 2012

Guided By Voices are terrifyingly productive. In case itís slipped under your radar, this is not the Ohio indie-rock gangís first release of this year, itís not their second, no, itís their third. Oh yeah, and all three of the releases have had more than eighteen tracks on each. It appears the bandís couple year break-up has left them with a musical appetite to burn up and The Bears For Lunch continues on from where its predecessors left off with even more slightly off the wall but always enjoyable indie-rock.

The Bears For Lunch is jam-packed with different vibes and an extremely varied approach to the genre. Starter ďKing Arthur The RedĒ is a garage rock thrash with a sixties vibe. With itís ridiculously catchy melody and chilled out air, itís a perfect opener to a such a large pile of tracks. The difference between the opener and itís successor ďThe Corners Are GlowingĒ are pretty much a representation of how eclectic the record is overall. ďThe Corners Are GlowingĒ sounds like it would be at home amongst the trippier side The Beatlesí catalogue and itís so laid back itís almost horizontal. It seems like the eclecticism is what makes this record what it is. Most of the time it comes across less as an album and more of a compilation of tracks. Whether or not this is a good thing remains to be seen. The Bears For Lunch isnít the sort of record that demands a full listen through, itís very easy to just dip in a pick out a track to listen to it without losing anything from the overall product. Basically, if you listen to The Bears For Lunch on shuffle itís not really going to make a difference.

Thatís not to say this is representative of the quality of music, though. The record holds some excellent tracks. ďHangover ChildĒ is great. With itís Bowie-ish vocals and timeless feel, the song is a highlight. ďWhite FlagĒ is also superb. It melds together the usual chords and melodies weíve heard a hundred times before, but teams them with their own interesting take on it. This is a skill of Guided By Voices and itís something that sets them apart from their peers. They take sounds and genres that have been done millions of times before and put their own twist to it so it comes across incredibly fresh and like this is the decade that the sound has been invented. It doesnít feel like youíre listening to sixties revivalists, it feels like youíre listening to the inventors.

As Iíve already mentioned, Guided By Voices have put an incredible amount of music this year and at some point, something has to give. At points of The Bears For Lunch things start to give way. It feels that the nineteen tracks of the record is a bit gratuitous and thereís a lot of fat on here that should have been trimmed. When thereís quite a few non-essential tracks on the record it means the excellent tracks drown in the record and donít get the focus that they deserve.

Overall, The Bears For Lunch is an great record, however those extra unnecessary tracks weigh it down at points and prevent it from being excellent. If you want an easy listening experience thatís still filled with eclecticism Guided By Voices are your people.

Recommended If You LikeArchers Of Loaf; Pavement; The Magnetic Fields; more band for your buck

Additional InformationTrack Listing
1. King Arthur The Red
2. The Corners Are Glowing
3. Have A Jug
4. Hangover Child
5. Dome Rust
6. Finger Gang
7. The Challenge Is Much More
8. Waving At Airplanes
9. The Military School Dance Dismissal
10. White Flag
11. Skin To Skin Combat
12. She Lives In An Airport
13. Tree Fly Jet
14. Walking Up The Stairs
15. Up Instead Of Running
16. Smoggy Boy
17. Amorphous Surprise
18. You Can Fly Anything Right
19. Everywhere Is Miles From Everywhere

Band Members
Robert Pollard
Tobin Sprout
Mitch Mitchell
Kevin Fennell
Greg Demos


Official Site

Steeeve Perry 11/25/12 02:54 PM

These three records have all been decent; as is to be expected, the best tracks from each could have made a killer album. Wait, this isn't a Green Day thread...

Everyone listen to Bee Thousand.

Frinet 11/27/12 10:15 PM

Holy smokes their discography is massive

thesoupmidget 12/03/12 02:22 PM

This is a poorly written, unedited review. In the future you should try to proofread your work. Although, that might not be "punk" enough.

CR (The Soup Midget)