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basselmudarris 11/25/12 12:04 AM


Originally Posted by kismet (Post 115721612)
As long as he does something, fine by me.


mbao 11/25/12 01:51 AM

what's that beeping sound at around 6:30 in the second video, a garbage truck?

duritzfan13 11/25/12 07:23 AM


Originally Posted by movingxpictures (Post 115713342)
Yes, I did. And he said not in the near future. Doesn't mean it will never happen again.

True, but it just doesn't seem likely IMO. He's going to be playing SoCo stuff on his solo tours, so I just don't really see a point anymore. Would be cool though!

EastCoastVans 11/25/12 08:31 AM

As long as he's still making music, I'm happy. I'm glad I got the chance to see JM though, and I'll definitely be there when he starts touring his solo stuff.

MJSchmidt 11/25/12 01:25 PM

Really enjoyed this discussion. The more I think about it, the more I am excited for the next phase in his career. I am glad to see he wants to continue playing some of the older SoCo songs. Dropping the Jack's name easily frees him up to do that. At the very least it sets expectations. I would love to see a show where the best SoCo, Jack's, and solo songs are all played together. I do certainly understand his feelings on kickstarter from his perspective. Knowing his consistency, I would still probably support his project if he did go down that avenue. As long as there some cool packages to offset paying ahead of time, I would have no problem with it.

iamthealex 11/25/12 03:40 PM

At this point I'm pretty okay that another SoCo reunion/record isn't happening anytime soon. Purely speculation but I can't imagine anything they make now fitting in very well with their old discography.

mattregan 11/25/12 04:48 PM

All piano please.

Seth Robinson 11/25/12 07:48 PM

I love him, he is still one of my musical heroes, has been for the past 10 years. I thought the last two Jack's Mannequin records were a MESS, boring, and just downright pretty awful (except for the heart breaking first half of "Caves".) I hope his solo career is a lot better than "The Glass Passenger" and "People and Things."

zporter92 11/25/12 10:48 PM

Don't like anything SoCo at all, but his solo stuff is pretty good so hopefully he goes that route

ari telescope 11/26/12 12:45 PM


Originally Posted by movingxpictures (Post 115712462)
baby boy better be doing another reunion tour with SoCo while he gets his solo career together

EDIT: also that interviewer was incredibly annoying

They like, JUST did that two years ago. Let it simmer.

Also it would require the whole band to be available.

movingxpictures 11/26/12 01:23 PM


Originally Posted by ari telescope (Post 115760682)
They like, JUST did that two years ago. Let it simmer.

Also it would require the whole band to be available.

It doesn't have to be next month, but it'd be great to do it within the next two years or so.

I was at the SoCo reunion show when they came to Philly, and I'll always try to see them whenever they decide to tour.

TRBMan 11/26/12 07:05 PM

i'm expecting some awesome new material based on his mood in these interviews. he seems super stoked to be going solo and abandoning all the label nonsense. hopefully something equivalent to Everything in Transit.

i'm sure it'll be good regardless though because everything he touches is golddddddd!

IckyErrca 11/30/12 11:06 AM

I love and will always love anything Andrew McMahon does. done.