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hiddentrack 11/24/12 08:57 PM

Wow, hard to believe it's been that long.

paperlung 11/24/12 09:31 PM

RIP Casey. Remember when I heard the news. So sad.

Edit: Also the day Freddie Mercury died. RIP to him as well.

Corgkowznor 11/24/12 09:57 PM

I still have that TWLOHA shirt that came out to help pay for the funeral

Archael 11/24/12 09:58 PM

hate was a pretty good ep... I'll just say that much...

mike'smannequin 11/24/12 10:07 PM

:/ damn shame. RIP Casey

UnderMyDreams 11/24/12 11:18 PM


Still crazy.

Amongster 11/24/12 11:50 PM

Never had the chance to meet Casey, but everyone I know that has, has told me what a stand-up guy he was. As with many of you, Casey and Hawthorne Heights were my gateway to bands with screaming. R.I.P.

Kgod 11/24/12 11:54 PM

Rest in peace :(

steve187 11/25/12 12:06 AM

still remember when i read about it on here when i was in a computer class in school. rip

Jake Denning 11/25/12 12:07 AM

I still feel fortunate to have caught that Nintendo Fusion tour to see them headline.

ForEveryHeart 11/25/12 12:43 AM

Won't lie. Forgot he was dead. Still super sad. RIP

RiCCioLi 11/25/12 12:48 AM

RIP Casey.

Djentleman 11/25/12 12:50 AM

remember the news of his passing like it was just yesterday
they just started their tour with Escape The Fate & i was thinking about going
crazy. rip Casey :-(

Siren 11/25/12 01:09 AM

First unclean vocalist I enjoyed, which lead me to so much more music. Real sad. Can't believe it's been five years already.

kbomb001 11/25/12 01:14 AM

a lot of the girls in my clique were in tears about this when the news broke, I didn't give Hawthorne Heights the time of day until last year. I wish I had gotten into them sooner. Rest In Peace, Casey.