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Keagan Ilvonen 11/24/12 07:02 PM

Casey Calvert Passed Away 5 Years Ago Today
Casey Calvert (Hawthorne Heights) passed away 5 years ago today.

Submitted by kidinthebushes

Charles777 11/24/12 07:05 PM

Holy shit.

TheRealJohnOC 11/24/12 07:07 PM

That was a quick 5 years. Seems like it wasn't too long ago.

MikeYabs 11/24/12 07:07 PM

Can't believe its been that long already.

kidinthebushes 11/24/12 07:15 PM

I never remember that it happened so close to Thanksgiving which makes it so much more tragic.

I am very glad that they've continued to write music.

AnthonyBTT 11/24/12 07:15 PM

Crazy. He was one of the nicest people I've ever had the chance of meeting.

buddah knome 11/24/12 07:30 PM

Seemed like one of the coolest guys. He was the first screamer I liked which has become a gateway into music I wouldn't have listened to before. RIP

EnZo 11/24/12 07:48 PM

this made me wana listen to in silence in black and white...dude really got me into music with screamers

kaylasananjou 11/24/12 08:06 PM

I'll never forget finding out about this. I thought it was a joke. RIP.

hurricaneoflion 11/24/12 08:13 PM

certainly missed...worked with them a few times and Casey was always a pleasure to be around and photograph.

WhoSaidThat? 11/24/12 08:16 PM


Mikey Paine 11/24/12 08:22 PM

The fact that people still care 5 years later just goes to show how much people loved him. RIP.

SteveD 11/24/12 08:34 PM

He was an awesome person.

Jake Jenkins 11/24/12 08:35 PM

i was just thinking about what my life was like 5 years ago earlier. didn't realize this happened 5 years ago, though. RIP.

Born_For_This 11/24/12 08:43 PM

He seemed like such a genuine a nice guy. It's cliche, but this band were one of the bands that got me into music with screaming, and their music genuinely helped me get through some tough times in my teenage years. He is still missed, RIP.

hiddentrack 11/24/12 08:57 PM

Wow, hard to believe it's been that long.

paperlung 11/24/12 09:31 PM

RIP Casey. Remember when I heard the news. So sad.

Edit: Also the day Freddie Mercury died. RIP to him as well.

Corgkowznor 11/24/12 09:57 PM

I still have that TWLOHA shirt that came out to help pay for the funeral

Archael 11/24/12 09:58 PM

hate was a pretty good ep... I'll just say that much...

mike'smannequin 11/24/12 10:07 PM

:/ damn shame. RIP Casey

UnderMyDreams 11/24/12 11:18 PM


Still crazy.

Amongster 11/24/12 11:50 PM

Never had the chance to meet Casey, but everyone I know that has, has told me what a stand-up guy he was. As with many of you, Casey and Hawthorne Heights were my gateway to bands with screaming. R.I.P.

Kgod 11/24/12 11:54 PM

Rest in peace :(

steve187 11/25/12 12:06 AM

still remember when i read about it on here when i was in a computer class in school. rip

Jake Denning 11/25/12 12:07 AM

I still feel fortunate to have caught that Nintendo Fusion tour to see them headline.

ForEveryHeart 11/25/12 12:43 AM

Won't lie. Forgot he was dead. Still super sad. RIP

RiCCioLi 11/25/12 12:48 AM

RIP Casey.

Djentleman 11/25/12 12:50 AM

remember the news of his passing like it was just yesterday
they just started their tour with Escape The Fate & i was thinking about going
crazy. rip Casey :-(

Siren 11/25/12 01:09 AM

First unclean vocalist I enjoyed, which lead me to so much more music. Real sad. Can't believe it's been five years already.

kbomb001 11/25/12 01:14 AM

a lot of the girls in my clique were in tears about this when the news broke, I didn't give Hawthorne Heights the time of day until last year. I wish I had gotten into them sooner. Rest In Peace, Casey.

StepBackLetGo 11/25/12 01:37 AM

Feel bad to say that I only started listening to them once I heard about his death. They're now one of my favorite bands, and I realize now in retrospect that few works in this scene not only during that time, but today also, could even come close to the dynamic he had built with that group.


johnnyferris 11/25/12 01:44 AM

Wow that seems like yesterday. Still remember hearing the news. I'm really glad I got to me him.

leftapart 11/25/12 02:47 AM


xxshawn 11/25/12 03:20 AM

I still remember being at a Chiodos concert the day after it happened, but that was how i found out. Pretty sure Craig or one of the other bands that played that night announced it on stage. I was totally bummed out cause I'd recently gotten super into HH and now there was no way I'd get to see them in their prime. The albums with Casey are still some of my favorites and really turned me on to listening to bands with screaming. RIP Casey.

brokenwings 11/25/12 05:10 AM

Wow, it's been that long?! I still exactly remember reading about his death here.

The_Effort 11/25/12 07:10 AM

Just picked up Silence in Black and White on vinyl. I'll make sure to give it a spin. RIP

chrislauren 11/25/12 08:08 AM

It feels like it's been so much longer than that. If I remember correctly, he was married for not too long before he died which just made it that much more sad. RIP, Casey.

moneymaker. 11/25/12 11:08 AM

RIP. i saw hawthorne heights multiple times when they still had Casey. arguably one of the best screamers of all time

blindrider529 11/25/12 11:59 AM

Wow, times flies. What am I doing with my life?

Penguin 11/25/12 12:09 PM

So horrible. RIP.

Freshman15Davey 11/25/12 01:15 PM


Originally Posted by Jake Denning (Post 115723212)
I still feel fortunate to have caught that Nintendo Fusion tour to see them headline.

Them and RK right?

kazuma_ootaro28 11/25/12 01:19 PM

RIP Casey, Freddie, ...

mrnubnub 11/25/12 01:42 PM

wonder when jadedpunkhulk is gonna bring the rage

jjm1 11/25/12 02:03 PM

RIP. hopefully, if anything, this shows his fans battling with depression or anything else that even if you are not trying to harm yourself, you must be careful with the medication prescribed. Celexa and klonopin or variations of each are routinely proscribed together, im not sure if they ever said the opiate he was taking but it just shows what can happen when just a few things are mixed together accidentally (although im pretty sure they said death resulting from this was pretty rare)

also, props to the band for being so cool and handling this situation the absolute best way possible. i remember when people on here loved to shit on HH just because it was the "cool" thing to do, but over the years they definitely gained the respect from most people by the way the handled not just this situation, but everything.

marsvoltamcr 11/25/12 02:09 PM

Glad they're still continuing on. Saw HH earlier this year and they're still so great live.

Jake Denning 11/25/12 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by Freshman15Davey (Post 115734062)
Them and RK right?

Yeah - Hawthorne w/ Plain White T's, Relient K, Emery, and The Sleeping. Casey passed a week or two later.

GreenGentleman 11/25/12 03:08 PM

So weird, I was just thinking about this for the first time in a long while today. Spinning The Silence in Black and White in his memory.

Deartragedy88 11/25/12 04:17 PM


Originally Posted by Jake Denning (Post 115736722)
Yeah - Hawthorne w/ Plain White T's, Relient K, Emery, and The Sleeping. Casey passed a week or two later.

That tour happened in 2006. Casey didn't pass away for a whole year after that.

Deartragedy88 11/25/12 04:21 PM

I can't believe it's been 5 years since Casey passed away. He wasn't friendly to me every time I met him, but it's still sucks when someone from a band you like dies. They have handled themselves quite nicely with such a terrible situation. They have gone on to put out the best material of their career.

johnnyferris 11/25/12 06:20 PM

He passed away right at the start of their headlining tour with Escape the Fate, the AKAs, etc.