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Keagan Ilvonen 11/24/12 07:14 PM

Four Letter Lie Begin Recording New Album
Four Letter Lie have begun recording their new album. Follow them on Twitter to keep up with everything.

Submitted by Mario57

brandon_260 11/24/12 07:17 PM

Forgot about this band. I loved their shit when I was 15.

Yontsey 11/24/12 07:19 PM

This bands still around?

SmeezyBeezy 11/24/12 07:21 PM

What's up 2006.

JuneJuly 11/24/12 07:31 PM

I swear I keep thinking these guys broke up.

drewinseries 11/24/12 07:31 PM

Let Your Body Take Over was a total rip off record, but was a guilty pleasure of mine. The clean singer had a great voice.

TheRealJohnOC 11/24/12 07:41 PM

I wonder what direction they'll go. Their last album was a complete bust.

SwertsOnALog 11/24/12 08:09 PM

Any word on if this is a "we're back", or just a last record?

NickMadeVisible 11/24/12 08:28 PM

No Kevin, no care.

iseejosh 11/24/12 09:55 PM

no fucking way! i hope they have a clean vocalist for this record. 'cake eater' is still the fucking jam.

Jake Denning 11/24/12 11:03 PM


Originally Posted by JuneJuly (Post 115717382)
I swear I keep thinking these guys broke up.

You know, I did too, but I ran into their vocalist a year ago in Oregon since he was working for We Came As Romans, and he said that he was supposed to be recording the new record in March 2012...guess things got delayed.

EmoErk 11/24/12 11:06 PM

i remember them from 06 and something about a rap group

Capulet 11/24/12 11:19 PM

un fucking real !!!!!!

berniemac1234 11/24/12 11:22 PM

Kevin went to Day to Remember...Derek is Mod Sun. These guys have some good stuff nonetheless.

marsvoltamcr 11/24/12 11:39 PM

So awesome. A New Day was such an underrated album.