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jordalsh 11/25/12 09:04 AM

Saves the Day and Jimmy Eat World

Blake Solomon 11/25/12 09:12 AM

oh yes happy endings. just watched 2 episodes!

kafe 11/25/12 09:26 AM

Really liking that Alt+J song.

thesinkingship 11/25/12 10:04 AM

daftpunker45 11/25/12 10:09 AM

Taylor Swift
College Football

tiny vessels 11/25/12 10:24 AM

Really been diggin' Frightened Rabbit lately :

Also, Communist Daughter :

KidASquared 11/25/12 10:38 AM

Joyce Manor, Wilco, LCD Soundsystem, Sufjan Stevens

schlotty 11/25/12 11:05 AM

lol denning c'mon man

StepsInADance 11/25/12 11:40 AM

Staying home with the flu and watching a marathon of Twin Peaks on Netflix, fuck the flu though.

Spencer Control 11/25/12 01:08 PM


Originally Posted by zeropunk16 (Post 115723702)

Miss Machine and Define the Great Line. Bravo.

Hey Jason! Hey Jason Taaaaaate! I'm listening to PlayRadioPlay! and I enjoy it.

kazuma_ootaro28 11/25/12 01:14 PM

brook183 11/25/12 02:16 PM

Kowloon Walled City - "The Pressure Keeps Me Alive" Label says its for fans of NEUROSIS, HELMET, FAILURE. All I know is it's fucking good.

yayitsjoe 11/25/12 02:38 PM


Originally Posted by Debut_Fin (Post 115725632)

& finally finishing the CPA exam after having six months of my life effectively stolen from me

congratulations! sorry about the six months being taken away though. :\

the new P.O.S. album is basically all I've been listening to.

Johnny Minardi 11/25/12 03:05 PM


Originally Posted by kazuma_ootaro28 (Post 115734052)

Love that John Legend record.

kidinthebushes 11/25/12 03:57 PM

A great weekend of concerts.

Yellowcard/The Wonder Years on Friday and The Lawrence Arms on Saturday.