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Alex DiVincenzo 11/26/12 01:05 PM

Last Call Stream New Album "Dog Years"
Stream Last Call's new album, Dog Years, here.

avarice14 11/26/12 01:13 PM

Easily the best pop punk record of the year.

xBranx 11/26/12 04:25 PM

This record is bangin.

f00te 11/26/12 06:04 PM

solid stuff

ViTOP 11/26/12 07:36 PM

Love this record. Love this Band.

GageStillAlive 11/26/12 10:19 PM

Huge thanks to #TeamPagano for getting me into this band, I've listened to this album stream on repeat for days.

DefendTheGenre 11/27/12 06:29 AM

Hey, look everyone, it's good pop-punk for the first time in years.

Thank the Earth for Last Call.

Ryan Gardner 11/27/12 07:19 PM

Album rocks