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Drew Beringer 11/26/12 01:15 PM

New We The Kings Video
You can view We The Kings new video for "Party, Fun, Love & Radio" in the replies.

Submitted by fbrrocks

Drew Beringer 11/26/12 01:15 PM

kskillzz 11/26/12 01:21 PM

Wow this song blows. And I consider myself somewhat of a WTK fan. Bummer.

pepster50 11/26/12 01:27 PM

What happened to this band? This song is WOW bad lol. Sad thing is, it will probably end up on the radio and be a big hit :|

ShayDe 11/26/12 01:30 PM


dmcaloon 11/26/12 01:39 PM

It's definitely over the top with the electronics and the bridge part and the lyrical content is a feeble attempt at being relatable to the huge fan base they're targeting, but it's really not that bad.

WeltallAY 11/26/12 01:40 PM

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Band sucks!

jlinitz 11/26/12 01:41 PM

My god this is terrible

Saint_February 11/26/12 01:56 PM

this song should be titled Make bad music and still not make it to radio

Saying Sorry 11/26/12 02:11 PM


Originally Posted by Saint_February (Post 115764252)
this song should be titled Make bad music and still not make it to radio

So true. Used to be a fan, no more

bobsheiskawy 11/26/12 02:12 PM

still holding on to hopes of some sort of return to form, at least in terms of songwriting.

bobsheiskawy 11/26/12 02:23 PM

on another note, i love the drummer rocking the free clothing tank. best company.

Djentleman 11/26/12 02:28 PM

soulless ginger

providence36 11/26/12 03:16 PM

Archael 11/26/12 03:36 PM

these guys get worse and worse

I enjoyed the debut but after that this shit is downright embarassing