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Drew Beringer 11/26/12 01:27 PM

POZ Presents: YMAEWK Song Stream
PropertyOfZack is also streaming a new You, Me, And Everyone We Know song here.

madisonprep 11/26/12 01:32 PM

Was holding out high hopes...but it didn't deliver upon first listen. I'm hoping it grows on me...

herestoyoufla 11/26/12 01:34 PM

Love this.

Kdenisarealboy 11/26/12 01:37 PM

Is this any good? I have high hopes for this but can't listen until I get home.

The other song released a week ago was pretty short :(

ched zeppelin 11/26/12 01:41 PM

This is the best!!!!!!

kskillzz 11/26/12 01:42 PM

I was kind of on the fence after the song was released last week, but I'm really loving this one.

ched zeppelin 11/26/12 01:43 PM

You Me And Everyone haven't released one bad song. I just wish it was 10 songs not 3.

sammyboy516 11/26/12 01:56 PM

Soooooog goooooood

I am Mick 11/26/12 01:57 PM

Really let down by the two released songs. Sounds like a typical song a kid recorded on his macbook

SomedayTheFire 11/26/12 02:06 PM

the production seems really really poor on both songs. they're also horribly boring.

JayBee420 11/26/12 02:10 PM

This is awesome. Production sounds pretty cool too. I don't understand any of these negative comments lol. Haters gonna hate I guess.

Mikeallover 11/26/12 02:18 PM

This is really good.

Jack Appleby 11/26/12 02:19 PM

If we're being really picky, no - I wouldn't say the instrumentals here are quite as good/interesting as previous YMAEWK.
But I do really enjoy this, as I did the song last week.
Always enjoyed his lyrics.

jimmyeatsboys 11/26/12 02:24 PM

haters gonna hate... aside from the hi-hat at the beginning (don't like) i dont hear anything wrong with this production.

SomedayTheFire 11/26/12 02:27 PM

haters gonna hate has to be the single worst saying on the internet. I'm not a "hater" because I don't like two new songs. children.