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Searos 11/27/12 04:48 PM

I am gonna doubt most people have every bside or 7" split by this band so this is a cool opportunity to get these songs physical. I do own the 'I won't Be Pathetic Forever' 7" but most of the other splits are not easy to find. A lot of songs I did not really ever expect to get in any physical format but enjoy are now available again. Like Soupy said this release is for people who want to own these songs physical but don't already. If I owned all the original 7"s I probably would not buy this but then again it also has at least a song or two I am not 100% sure have been on vinyl. I don't think that Christmas song has. Its a cool release and before people call it a cash grab yall gotta commend no sleep records for not charging out the ass for this. Its pretty fair price all things considered.

mikeXXXnj 11/27/12 08:10 PM


PaintedInExile 11/27/12 08:53 PM

Wish "Living Room Song" was on this.