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Keagan Ilvonen 11/27/12 12:00 AM

Cassadee Pope's Cover of "Are You Happy Now?" On The Voice
Jump to the replies to watch Cassadee Pope's cover of Michelle Branch's "Are You Happy Now?"

Keagan Ilvonen 11/27/12 12:00 AM

ChaseTx 11/27/12 12:30 AM

Watched only because I love Michelle Branch. Like serious love.

Sounds pretty good.

Kiana 11/27/12 12:34 AM

She needs to gtfo and make room for the real talent, Ms. Amanda Brown. Amanda, Cody, Trevin, and Nicholas all did better but she will probably still slay them all on the itunes charts.

Craig Ismaili 11/27/12 12:35 AM

Another really pitchy performance from her. Not her best. Still rooting for her, but damn if she wants to win she's gonna need to pull it together

Craig Ismaili 11/27/12 12:36 AM

Also, who the hell did her hair. Flyaways are so damn distracting.

Edit: and the wind at the end certainly didn't help things.

Jenajena 11/27/12 12:37 AM

I liked that performance. Not as moving as last week's, though.

trevorshmevor 11/27/12 02:53 AM

Honestly, after last week, I wouldn't be surprised if she has this competition in the bag. Good move on her part, to sing a song she's obviously very comfortable with this week -- she has no reason to go outside the box for now.

Keele 11/27/12 03:00 AM

What degree of fame or success does someone have to reach to prevent them from performing on the show?Honestly curious.

jaredohgren 11/27/12 03:20 AM

She's definitely gotten a lot better vocal wise since Hey Monday. She kind of sounds like a girl version of Gaskarth at times.

quickandsilver 11/27/12 05:44 AM

She better start showing more cleavage or something, because that sounded whiny as fuck, and there are way better contestants.

seventwenty3 11/27/12 06:37 AM

Those legs are going to save her every time.

esposimi 11/27/12 07:33 AM

This song was my jam back in 7th grade haha

herestoyoufla 11/27/12 07:42 AM

I think she sounds best when she sings higher up in her range. It'd be nice to hear a song where the vocal melody is consistantly high up there...

alegnaanaconda 11/27/12 07:56 AM

Can't even kind of compete with Amanda Brown