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Jason Tate 11/27/12 02:00 AM

Albums in Stores Today: 11-27-2012
Here are the albums that are in stores today. Pick up anything good? What do you recommend for other viewers? If we missed anything, please add it to our calendar. Check out rdio or spinner for album streams of new releases.

texan4lif281 11/27/12 05:53 AM

Rdio doesn't have the new You, Me, and Everyone we Know

mikenewsbears 11/27/12 06:59 AM

http://youmeandeveryoneweknow.bandcamp.com / ^^^

theHECKLER 11/27/12 08:08 AM

I am Abomination

CavanaughPark 11/27/12 08:19 AM

I havent listened to YMAEWK in a while but I'm kinda interested. May pick it up later today.

bop24buf 11/27/12 08:30 AM

Love the new YMAEWK...just really curious and dumbfounded why one song is only a minute long. Good song.

scenekid12 11/27/12 09:21 AM

Carson (facebook.com/carsontheband) have Album release today as well.

Slangster 11/27/12 09:56 AM

YMAEWK is good. Nothing else stands out to me this week really.

seanr91 11/27/12 10:52 AM

That Departures album is amazing as well as the Last Call's Dog Years

guitarguy211 11/27/12 02:34 PM

Nothing jumped out to me this week, so I'm gonna use the light week to start compiling year end lists. So many albums I need to go back and listen to because I ignored them.

cubsml34 11/27/12 05:15 PM

Departures is really, really great. Before you compile your end of the year lists, go listen to that one!

transcend 11/27/12 10:41 PM

Sad release day.

Xiegfried 11/27/12 10:59 PM

I don't think I've been really stoked for any releases for a few weeks now. I've mostly been putting my money towards pre-orders.