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Kyle Huntington 11/27/12 09:32 AM

Local Natives "Breakers" Video
Watch the video from Local Natives for their new single "Breakers" in the replies.

Kyle Huntington 11/27/12 09:32 AM

phillipjacob 11/27/12 09:48 AM

I love this song. The video goes along well to it.

oncedarkness 11/27/12 09:54 AM

This album is going to be stellar

dpatrickguy 11/27/12 09:55 AM

Video looks painful to shoot haha

MXP 11/27/12 10:50 AM

Love it. Lots of falling and stuff in reverse.

ibelieveinjake 11/27/12 12:00 PM

Gonna be such a good album.

jrtbighurt 11/27/12 12:27 PM

Cool, love this band.

Kyle Thrash 11/27/12 02:27 PM

Beautiful fucking video, great track

Kapa73 11/27/12 03:49 PM

Sounds good. Not terribly different from anything off of GM. Looking forward to hearing more

srduncan 11/27/12 11:56 PM

what this is cavil at rest?! i'm excited for these guys. grow grow grow local natives.

goodtennis! 11/28/12 12:24 AM

Yup, I'm sold on the first listen. GIVE ME THIS ALBUM NOW!!!!

mikenewsbears 11/28/12 08:46 AM

SO stoked for this album.

Merve 11/29/12 02:06 AM

I don't know if they'll ever record anything as transcendent and uplifting as "Wide Eyes" again, but this is still damn good. I'm stoked for whatever they're putting out next year.

MrDelux 01/11/13 10:46 AM

That mustache is hideous haha.