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Kdenisarealboy 12/04/12 05:54 AM


Originally Posted by Dream2MkBelieve (Post 116076872)
Actually, "But a Fleeting Illness" was not on the For Sale EP. It was released as a demo on Doghouse Record's Spring/Summer 2003 sampler. One of their best songs that didn't make it on IARB.

I actually have "But a Fleeting Illness" as a part of the 'Florida Songs [Demo]' along with Demo versions of Woe and Spidersong, which makes me believe that it was written during the same time as most of the IARB material and just never made it onto the record. Which is sad because it would have fitted right in.

Edit: For clarification, the version of BAFI on the Florida Demo is the same one that was on the Doghouse sampler. I also have a rough demo version that sounds like m/m quality, which would have been before IARB, so it's quite confusing.

Key Wii 12/19/12 02:21 AM

Too good for an "oh yeah." So I'm going to have to give this a "fuck yeah!"