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HyperactiveYout 11/27/12 05:14 PM

Pretty much a legendary band signing to this label makes no sense. As long as I get to catch them on tour from time to time, I'm still happy though.

Spencer Control 11/27/12 07:35 PM

Coverbydesign 11/27/12 07:36 PM

SO did victory records fire the tone deaf talent scout they had and hire someone with some what of a good ear for music. Because this is like what number 2..3 good signing for them

natek12 11/27/12 09:05 PM

Why in the hell would they do that? grew up listening to these dudes because of my old man and would have never expected this.

kbomb001 11/27/12 09:06 PM

Where do they get all this money?

wtfjaked 11/27/12 10:30 PM

Best show I ever saw was these guys. Why they signed to one of the shittiest record labels on the planet is beyond me.

GetUpAndrew 11/28/12 01:36 AM

Strange signing, they would have fit better to a different label, something like ANTI-, for example.

Jacob Tender 11/28/12 08:58 AM


Originally Posted by liarsenic678 (Post 115800862)
They've been around forever, idk why they signed to victory

To go down in flames with T-Brums.

crutchfield 11/28/12 10:34 AM

My cousin loves this band. I went with him to see them perform in the spring and they put on a hell of a show. It rocked. Such nice guys. They played a motorhead cover and had the sound guy sing. It was just a cool mix of people at the show...from people younger than me to guys my dads age.