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Drew Beringer 11/27/12 02:15 PM

New Shout Out Louds Song
You can stream a new Shout Out Louds' song, titled "Blue Ice," in the replies. The group will be releasing its fourth studio album in early 2013.

Drew Beringer 11/27/12 02:15 PM


New Shout Out Louds SongMerge Records is excited to announce that Sweden's Shout Out Louds is releasing its first new song in three years - as a 7" made of ice. Only 10 of these 7" kits exist worldwide and Merge Records is giving one away. To enter your name in the contest, you have to send your mailing address to merge@mergerecords.com with "Blue Ice Vinyl" in the subject line. The contest ends Monday, December 3; 350 people have entered already since the contest began a few hours ago. To watch a visual explanation on how to make the 7", WATCH THIS VIDEO. "Blue Ice" is also available for purchase here.

Merge is also excited to announce that a new Shout Out Louds full-length will be available early next year. The record arrives as Shout Out Louds celebrates 10 years as a band, and is a follow-up to 2010's acclaimed "Work." It will be their fourth album total and third for Merge.

ImTheSheriff 11/27/12 03:08 PM

awesome band

SteveLikesMusic 11/27/12 03:37 PM

Best band. Song is pretty mellow, hope there's some poppier stuff on the record.