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Alex DiVincenzo 11/27/12 03:30 PM

Skylar Grey Releases Lyric Video ft. Eminem
Check out a lyric video for Skylar Grey's new single, "Címon Let Me Ride" featuring Eminem, in the replies.

Alex DiVincenzo 11/27/12 03:31 PM

Who Is Ryan? 11/27/12 03:39 PM

This mess...

SensesFailTY 11/27/12 03:41 PM

nope nope nope nope

carcrashofahart 11/27/12 03:45 PM

a few months short of april fool's day...

MrDelux 11/27/12 03:57 PM


_veges_ 11/27/12 04:00 PM

I really regret clicking on this

KarlAnthonyyy 11/27/12 04:10 PM

Wait. No.

Gaugzilla 11/27/12 04:25 PM

Just remember that this is the same chick that sings that song.

Also, what's with that Eminem line about condoms being for practice and he skips it? We're really going to encourage people to not use protection?

ratmachine182 11/27/12 04:34 PM

i honestly thought you guys were exaggerating. this is fucking atrocious. eminem retired his "accent" and now just does that fast, slow, fast, slow angry shit on every song. also, do they need to really try so hard to sell us on the innuendo.

jaredrockstar 11/27/12 04:43 PM


WhoSaidThat? 11/27/12 04:43 PM

Not sure Em is genuinely trying to convey any sort of message.

And yeah, this shit is seriously embarrassing.

PunkInfluence09 11/27/12 05:07 PM

What in the actual fuck did I just listen to?


Originally Posted by Gaugzilla (Post 115815582)

Just remember that this is the same chick that sings that song.

At least this wasn't nearly the abortion that this bicycle song is...

NorthstarPark 11/27/12 05:19 PM

Sounds like Sasha Grey should be singing this.

VeryWittyName 11/27/12 05:20 PM

Guys I don't think she's actually talking about a bicycle here