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bladerdude360 11/28/12 10:48 AM

Damn, there are a number of bands coming to Chicago around this time and I will be out of town. Haven't seen Fireworks in a while, would love to catch them again.

incognitojones 11/28/12 11:00 AM

I'll try really hard to hit the Chicago date, its been too long since I've seen Fireworks. And they should play a ton of songs, stoked.

If Debello gets added I'm officially losing my shit.

zachff 11/28/12 11:12 AM

Might have to check out the Chicago date, missed them the last time they were in town.

JayDanielHammer 11/28/12 11:27 AM

Minneapolis is NEVER apart of these "midwest" tours.

nickthehick2 11/28/12 11:39 AM

Dudes are so good and super underrated

EastCoastVans 11/28/12 11:42 AM

Really excited to see these guys again, they tore it apart at warped tour.

ConnorCorruptNJ 11/28/12 11:50 AM


Originally Posted by rekker94 (Post 115836772)
january 14th, Stanhope House

so far away

The Old Black 11/28/12 11:59 AM

Awesome, Chicago date. Same night as Every Avenue's farewell tour unfortunately. Personally, I'd prefer this show though.

Clown_Baby 11/28/12 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by ConnorCorruptNJ (Post 115836602)
never NJ.

What are you talking about? They played the lost tape holiday show in Philly last year

Xiegfried 11/28/12 01:00 PM

I'm hopefully getting some of their albums for Christmas, so I might have to make it out to one of these.

kaylasananjou 11/28/12 01:37 PM

The Detroit date is the same day as the Kid Brother Collective show in Flint. I have never been more conflicted in my life. ;-;

kskillzz 11/28/12 02:22 PM

Dang, think I'm going to the Every Avenue show the same night as their Chicago date

cubsml34 11/28/12 02:26 PM

Do want the Chicago show.

Maiaophilia 11/28/12 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by jay_klinkhammer (Post 115839362)
Minneapolis is NEVER apart of these "midwest" tours.

why am I not surprised.

billy_yo 11/28/12 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by kmonkey2 (Post 115837262)
Excited to hear what bands will be joining them.

I know that the Huntington Long Island show they are opening for yellowcard