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Jason Tate 11/28/12 01:38 PM

Slospeak Records Releases Christmas Compilation
Slospeak Records (a small Christian Indie Label) has released a Christmas compilation on iTunes. The album features songs from House of Heroes, Reliant K, Deas Veil, Matt Shelton of the Wedding, Sons, Pioneer, and Ravenhill featuring David Curtis from Run Kid Run/Side Walk Slam.

Submitted by alliswell31

sweetfootaction 11/28/12 02:11 PM


gjpinizz 11/28/12 03:15 PM


Originally Posted by sweetfootaction (Post 115848482)

came here to say this

bluekey 11/28/12 04:07 PM

Pretty good mix of tracks, only disappointment is that the Relient K song isnt a fresh one.

blindrider529 11/28/12 04:49 PM

Sweet. Sounds like a record label with good taste. I shall be paying attention to them from here on out.

guitarguy211 11/28/12 06:33 PM

Great comp.

Oh, Blood and Water and Pioneer are signed to this label? Nice! Both awesome bands.

chordsforacure 11/28/12 07:38 PM

I like the sounds of some of these bands. I'll have to check out more Golden Youth and Deas Vail

dan.is.empire 11/28/12 11:20 PM

You all need to check the Eazy Tiger track. Pure gold.

flame_in_darkness 11/29/12 12:15 AM


Originally Posted by sweetfootaction (Post 115848482)

*Vail also.

satanisanerd 11/29/12 10:46 AM

I love Slospeak and their bands. Definitely check out Blood and Water, Pioneer, and Sons.

IdiotFlight 11/29/12 03:06 PM

Sons is such an awesome band.