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punkcrap 11/30/12 03:48 AM

This is really cool! Love the vocal melodies on this one. I'm actually enjoying Uno! and Dos! a lot better now that it's been a few weeks since the release. Those albums are definitely growers for me

simplejack 11/30/12 04:04 AM

I didn't love 21stCB, but it sounds like Tre will be the continuation of that sound, with some throwbacks at the Nimord/Warning era. I hope this record will be good enough to make me buy it so I can forget the atrocity that Dos was.

Atavistic 11/30/12 11:12 AM

this band has gone to shit

Scott Weber 11/30/12 12:33 PM


Chris Collum 11/30/12 01:32 PM

Sigh. This band was good once right? I'm not inventing that?

PaperLantern 11/30/12 08:57 PM


Originally Posted by Grohl (Post 115919522)
What songs will you be picking out of Uno and Dos?

Rough list:

Nuclear Family
Stay the Night
Carpe Diem
Sweet 16
Rusty James
Lazy Bones
Stray Heart
Baby Eyes
Lady Cobra

tefarez 12/01/12 03:59 PM

cant get enough!

TomWhaley 12/01/12 09:31 PM


crogers1983 12/14/12 08:31 AM


Originally Posted by Chesser19 (Post 115893752)
The vocal melody reminds me of Shoplifter but I still can't wait to hear this album. Hopefully it's better than the last 2.

Dude, my thoughts exactly. I love Shoplifter and was like, "wait haven't I heard this before?"

Either way cool song though. The 3 albums as a whole are really enjoyable actually.