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The_Effort 11/29/12 06:51 PM


Originally Posted by Qadriyyah (Post 115898842)
I saw this last night. Hilarious! I know a lot of people say they would have punched her or something but I think everyone would just cower in the corner or bang on the elevator door.

This is probably accurate. My first thought was I'd be punching that child; my real guess is I'd be in the corner or trying to escape.

copeland 11/29/12 06:59 PM

where's this gun shooter one?

wall e 11/29/12 08:13 PM

I can whole heartedly say I would've tried talking to her calmy

steve187 11/29/12 08:48 PM

seen this on worldstar the other day. i would have booted that little girl in the face at full force

blindrider529 11/29/12 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by Thomas Nassiff (Post 115898592)
I would have absolutely reacted violently and ruined their TV show haha

haha this is exactly what I was thinking. I'm not sure how proud I am to say I would've stomped the shit out of that little girl on the spot, especially when she started screaming.

theherox 11/29/12 10:20 PM

this is so brilliant

The Gryphonator 11/30/12 10:22 AM

Could totally see that girl getting seriously hurt.

She deserves it.

schlotty 11/30/12 11:04 AM

I'm going to think about this every time I'm on an elevator now.

2hxc4you 11/30/12 02:56 PM

Hilarious. So many people act like they would do something but I guarantee most would cower like a baby. Not to say someone wouldnt punch her right in the face tho haha. Good stuff.

baton 12/01/12 02:37 PM

hmm all these older people could've died there of a heart attack hah, I would go crazy

botDs-r 12/02/12 01:36 PM

Haha that's hilarious.

And hey I actually don't mind Kesha. Her new album actually sounds good