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Alex DiVincenzo 12/06/12 09:27 AM

Paramore Announce New Album Title & Release Date
Paramore will release their self-titled fourth album on April 9th. The first single is titled "Now." Read an announcement from the band below.
AnnouncementThe time has come Paramore fans, friends, and family... And for that matter, the time has come for the rest of you as well. We are ready to spill the beans about what we've been doing over the last *coughYEARcough*. With the most pride and passion we could ever possibly express, we would like to announce that this album, our fourth freaking album... Will be self-titled, 'Paramore'. It has been self-titled through nearly the entire process. In fact, what usually takes us weeks on end to sum up and put a label on only took us a five minute conversation this time around. The whole making of this album was a rediscovering of ourselves as a band and as friends. It was a process that allowed us the freedom to explore new territory artistically and to liberate ourselves as musicians, singers, as people! Sincerely, we feel that the best way to give it a name is just to call it what it is. This album is us.

The first single off the album is called "Now". Not really sure what else to say except for we love this song. It just feels like the perfect way to start this new journey we are embarking on not only as a band but as a movement. To show people that you can lose battles but come back and win full on wars. You can rise from ashes. You can make something out of even less than nothing. The only thing you have to do is keep moving forward!

Thanks to our fans for believing in the three of us before we ever even did. And to our producer, JMJ, for seeing a brand new band in us. We are prouder than ever and more excited now than ever to be Paramore.

'Paramore' will be released April 9th.

Alex DiVincenzo 12/06/12 09:27 AM

Jeff_Ryan 12/06/12 09:29 AM

I wish I could say that I want the album now without people thinking I was trying to be funny / make a pun

But this needs to be released immediately

DecemberFaded 12/06/12 09:30 AM


therookielot 12/06/12 09:31 AM

how meta

morgantayler 12/06/12 09:32 AM

So excited about this! Definitely my most anticipated album of 2013.

anamericangod 12/06/12 09:33 AM

Very much excited for this.

SteveLikesMusic 12/06/12 09:36 AM

Please be good!

Zack Zarrillo 12/06/12 09:38 AM

Any idea of release date for single?

untitled94 12/06/12 09:38 AM


Originally Posted by morgantayler (Post 116177712)

So excited about this! Definitely my most anticipated album of 2013.

I remember watching this episode and thinking about how good of a .gif it'd be. Awesome haha

Alex DiVincenzo 12/06/12 09:43 AM


Originally Posted by zack-182 (Post 116177982)
Any idea of release date for single?

Haven't heard anything, but a shot-in-the-dark guess would be January.

Kris_Gontz9 12/06/12 09:46 AM

Really excited, most anticipated of 2013.
And they thinking it's worthy of being their Self-Titled makes me even more pumped for it. This will be fucking good, i can sense it.

S9Dallasoz 12/06/12 09:47 AM

Was told by someone who heard the single that it sounds more like Yeah Yeah Yeahs than anything else.

esposimi 12/06/12 09:47 AM

AloneInTheDark 12/06/12 09:48 AM

April is so far away. I'm hoping the quality is up to par with monster, misguided ghosts, and all I wanted.