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Drew Beringer 12/08/12 01:34 PM

Watch Big Boi's Fallon Performance
You can watch Big Boi's performance of "Mama Told Me" (featuring Little Dragon instead of Kelly Rowland) on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon here. You can also stream the alternate version of the song in the replies.

Drew Beringer 12/08/12 01:35 PM


Rob McWilliams 12/08/12 02:37 PM

Man do I fucking love Little Dragon.

ksmitty1223 12/08/12 03:26 PM

Man do I fucking love Big Boi.

Poochemist 12/09/12 02:56 AM

Man he didn't rap a whole lot in that performance.

brenByah 12/09/12 10:24 AM

Everything I've heard from this record sounds so good

brook183 12/09/12 11:48 AM

How good is this album? For real, I haven't listened to it yet, how good is it?

ChaseTx 12/09/12 04:16 PM

Pretty great performance. The singer is pretty cute too.

XenoAbe 12/10/12 06:33 AM

I like it. Also, Go Falcons!