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bradsonemanband 12/09/12 09:48 AM

The Blue Aces (local Utah girl band)
The Blue Aces are a local band made up of 4 girls (ages 14 to 16) and they seriously rule! I stumbled on them the other night when I went to a local show they were playing at. I'd never heard of them before, but they really won me over. I think a lot of you will really dig them too.

RIYL: Soul music mixed with modern pop.

bladerdude360 12/09/12 03:24 PM

The term "girl band" strikes me as sort of odd. We don't say it's a "guy band" or "boy band" whenever a band is made up of all males. Just my two cents.

That being said, the music sounds pretty good. Not my favorite thing, but overall pretty pleasant listening.

fcbucks1 12/09/12 06:29 PM

I liked the second song a lot. The first one is probably good as well, but the hi-hat is so high in the mix in that song that it is tough to listen to.

bradsonemanband 12/11/12 07:00 AM

these girls just won the local battle of the bands too, which includes a ton of awesome prizes, so good for them!

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