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moonpies87 12/09/12 02:49 PM

Fight at my work
Ok so I work at a pizza place. My co-worker was having a party there for his daughter's birthday. His wife's dad was there and he was talking a bunch of crap.

"Why the hell couldn't we have a party at the house!"

"What kind of party is it at a pizza place!!!"
"Your so cheap you had to throw a party where you work for a damn discount!!"

Finally my co-worker's brother stood up and got in the guy's face shouting at him. The wife's dad punched the brother and holy cow it was on!!

a couple of pizzas fell on teh ground, the women were screamin and crying, my manager was trying to split them up

it was hilarious and sad

JuneJuly 12/09/12 04:02 PM


jeffersin 12/09/12 04:26 PM


deanster321 12/09/12 04:39 PM

Those poor pizzas :(

moonpies87 12/09/12 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by deanster321 (Post 116308402)
Those poor pizzas :(

exactly. and i made them!!!!!!!!!!!!

the good thing was us workers got the cake

Manufactured Dreams 12/09/12 05:01 PM

This happened at my job.

ParkwayTom 12/09/12 06:05 PM


Carolina.Alex 12/09/12 06:56 PM


Amongster 12/09/12 06:58 PM


movingxpictures 12/09/12 07:01 PM


thursday727 12/09/12 07:08 PM

There was a fight at my work once. Dude suckerpunched a guy during lunch who just came back to work from being in a coma. It was over a girl.
What sucks is that the guy who got suckerpunched got fired too for putting himself in that situation.

thursday727 12/09/12 07:09 PM

oh also

suicidalmoose 12/09/12 07:16 PM


daftpunker45 12/09/12 07:18 PM

A kid punched another kid because he called him white trash. Assault in the 3rd degree.

JoeLovesMO 12/09/12 07:22 PM